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Credit repair since 2010.

Credit Repair Bellevue has been helping consumers to remove negative credit files, increase credit scores, dispute negative information with credit bureaus and saving people money on their loans since 2010. We work with Equifax, Experian and TransUnion – all three major credit reporting agencies – to bring about a fast increase in you credit score at the lowest possible cost. In fact, we are confident that no one else in Bellevue comes close to providing our level of credit repair service at a lower cost. 

Rick Jackson is a recognized leader in credit repair.

Credit repair starts with a free credit analysis with our owner, Rick Jackson. That’s right – you won’t be talking about your credit repair needs with a low-level call center employee. You’re first conversation is with our founder, Rick. He will provide a free credit analysis, and depending on your FICO score and actual trade lines, he will develop an affordable, customized plan to take you from bad credit or fair credit, to good credit or excellent credit. At any time in the process of repairing your credit, Rick will be available to take your calls. In the case of sensitive situations – such as a well-known person looking to maintain maximum privacy – Rick is willing to be your only point of contact throughout the entire process. At Credit Repair Bellevue, confidentiality is a sacred trust.include finding the fastest way to dispute faulty information on your bureau reports. 

Every credit repair situation is different.

Where Experian, TransUnion or Equifax are showing charge-offs, judgements, collections, high debt-to-limit ratios, loan delinquencies, or other adverse credit lines, we will work with you to repair your credit, leaving you with the freedom that comes with a higher credit score. It is usually possible to squeeze out an additional 50 points of credit score, and often much, much more. We have seen many clients with credit scores in the 500s quickly end up with conforming mortgages and jumbo home loans. 

Why do you need credit repair? 

Each year, American businesses pull over 10 billion FICO scores (from Fair Isaac), determining everything from loan approvals to interest rate offers, and from employment decisions to promotions. Charge-offs, collections, judgements and delinquencies can affect every part of your life, from where you live to what jobs you can get. Our years of experience has taught us that improving your credit on your own will take much longer than leaving it to high-rated professionals like us.

A complete credit repair solution.

The solution to removing negative information from your TransUnion, Experian or Equifax credit report starts with challenging incorrect information that could be impacting your FICO score. If there is a reason to question your charge-offs, collections, delinquencies or other negative information, we can will immediately challenge this information. Our credit analysis will include finding the fastest way to dispute faulty information on your bureau reports. 

Credit repair can include adding new information.

Your credit score can get a boost from including information about positive accounts that aren’t on your credit reports. For example, most consumers are unaware that they can improve your scoring with the major credit reporting agencies by including details on utility bills. While these automatically show up as adverse information on your credit reports if they are delinquent, it is possible to get these to show up as positive trade lines on your credit report if one knows how to go about it. 

Credit repair saves you money. 

A typical home buyer can save over $100,000 on mortgage interest over the life of their home loan if they have Rick improve their FICO score with Experian, Equifax and TransUnion before they buy. Because we are so quick in repairing your credit, you may still be able to close on that dream house you have your eye on. It doesn’t take years and years to make a big impact on you credit score. We work with all three major credit reporting agencies to make large improvements in your scoring in a minimal amount of time. 

Credit repair can impact your future. 

Like it or not, your FICO score from Experian, TransUnion or Equifax affects where you live, what you drive, how much money you waste on interest, and even who you marry. Bad credit is embarrassing, while having good credit or excellent credit can open doors in employment and business. Excellent credit allows you to live where you want, work where you wants, and get access capital when you need it. 

Don’t let bad credit set limits on your life.

Credit repair can bring you the freedom that comes with having excellent credit. There is nothing like walking into a dealership, bank, or new home knowing that you can chose to drive any car, take out any loan, or purchase any house that you want. Having good credit is not only a source of pride; it’s a ticket to freedom in modern life.